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Silent Conversation

Silent Conversation is an attempt to connect to the public and also find out about there view on the issue of refugees and asylum seekers, because my experience as a refugee who ever I have met in Australia they have been nice to me and have welcomed me so I wanted to know for my self where the anti refugee rhetoric that is seen in the media comes from, so I designed a post card which had an image of a boat I had mad out of news paper and cardboard and I had whit washed the surface of the boat and wrote my story on it. I dropped about 2000 of these post cards in letter boxes, in the suburbs of Brisbane with instruction on the postcards asking people what is there view on the issue of asylum seekers and post it to the provided address on the post card. The idea was to give people the chance to respond to the issue in there own time and space and not rushing them, I received about 15 post card mainly positive responses, and the ones I that I have not received back from people, I believe are still in conversation with me but in silence and when ever they come across a news about asylum seeker I hope it reminds them of the post card and they question I posed in the post card. In the instruction on the postcard I had also mention that I will post these post cards to refugees in detention center, but that did not come to realization because the immigration department did not allow me to post it. So the conversation is there, written, it is silent unless it is given the voice of whom the message on the post card was intended.

I hope people come to this realisation that, taking refuge form war is saying no to war and seeking asylum is seeking peace, this way refugee and asylum seekers are the most direct contributors towards a peaceful world.